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Massive Ice Cream Spill Causes the Tastiest Traffic Jam

Frozen dessert was all over the interstate

Flickr/PROJohnathan Nightingale

Spilled ice cream is a shame. However, $5,000 worth of spilled ice cream, lost in Southern California in August, is an outright tragedy. Interstate 10 in Whitewater, Calif., saw heavy delays on Thursday because of that exact scenario, reports the Desert Sun. Three refrigerators full of ice cream and frozen fruit bars met their demise on the hot asphalt.

"It's better than hazardous material," California Highway Patrol Officer Darren Meyer told the Desert Sun. "It's a little bit of spilled ice cream, but no one got hurt." Talk about looking on the bright side. No doubt, the delayed motorists would have enjoyed a frozen treat while idling under the hot sun.

As if the spilled ice cream wasn't bad enough news on its own, the shipment was reportedly en route to a school.

The accident occurred when a pick-up truck towing the three refrigerators collided with an 18-wheeler around 6:45 a.m, according to the Desert Sun. The pick-up was destroyed, but no one was injured. The incident caused a traffic jam that stretched roughly one mile.

If only it could have been meat and bread trucks colliding. Then, at least, the backed up motorists would have the makings for lunch.

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