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Watch: Everything You Need to Know About Brewing Coffee

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What's the best method?

Choosing the right beans and roast for your coffee go a long way toward making the best cup. But once you're ready to brew, what's the best method? There are many possibilities, and this video from How to Make Everything looks at the pros and cons of five different ways to transform ground beans and hot water into a cup of joe.

Jackson O'Brien, head barista and espresso educator at Peace Coffee in Minneapolis, explains the differences among espresso, French press, Chemex, Turkish coffee, and siphon brew. An individual's preferred method depends on what they're looking for in the final product's body and flavor. But, O'Brien says no matter the process, brewing a proper cup comes down to simple execution.

"I can brew you a good cup of coffee using the cheapest piece of stovetop cookware and a sock as a filter," he says in the video, "just as long as I can get the water to the right temperature, saturate for the right amount of time, and get the grounds afterwards."

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