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Did You Know Joey Fatone Has a Hot Dog Stand Called Fat One's?

It's real, and it hits Orlando in September

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Since tragically disbanding in the early aughts, the members of iconic boy band N Sync have all gone on to fulfill different roles of varying importance: Justin Timberlake (allegedly) brought sexy back and married 7th Heaven alum Jessica Biel, while Lance Bass is about to star in what sounds like a gay version of The Bachelor. Joey Fatone, meanwhile, is fulfilling his one true destiny as the proprietor of a soon-to-open shopping mall hot dog stand.

Fat One's, as it's obviously called, will be located inside Orlando's Florida Mall and touts itself as the "Home of the Fat One" (well, yes). It will also serve Italian ice, in a nod to Fatone's Italian heritage.

The stand is set to begin slinging Fat Ones next month, but in the meantime, it's already created mass hysteria, and not the kind involving tween girls trampling each other to get their hands on an autograph: During a standard pre-opening inspection, a test of the hot dog stand's fire suppression system popped half a dozen balloons and set off a fire alarm, spurring panic as mall workers and patrons believed they were in the midst of an active shooter situation.

Here's to hoping Fat One's actual opening on September 10 is considerably less terrifying.

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