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Watch: How Independent Pizzeria Makes Seattle’s Best Pizza Crust

Master Joe Heffernan’s technique at home

Today our friends at ChefSteps enlist the assistance of a master to learn how to make the perfect pizza dough for their series, "Other People's Ideas."

Joe Heffernan, co-owner of Seattle's Independent Pizzeria, knows his way around a dough recipe: The Chefsteps team claims his is the best in the city. But because it's composed of only four ingredients — bread flour, salt, yeast, and water — the so-called life-changing product is mostly the result of some serious technique (Heffernan is a master at kneading and shaping). Between allowing the dough to ferment for five to eight hours and allowing each ball to rest overnight, it's clearly a labor of love that is not to be rushed, but one with a delicious payoff.

Watch the video above for a visual how-to, and find the full recipe from ChefSteps and Independent Pizzeria here.

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