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New TV Show ‘Stove Tots’ Is the ‘Dance Moms’ of the Culinary World

Inside the cut-throat world of kid chefs

A scene from 'Man vs Child: Chef Showdown.'
A scene from 'Man vs Child: Chef Showdown.'

Kitchen drama and helicopter parenting will come to a head in a new television series coming soon from FYI Network, a network that loves offbeat cooking shows. According to a release, Stove Tots promises "a first-hand look at the cut-throat world of junior culinary competitions," because such a world does indeed exist.

The young culinary wizards selected for the show will compete in cook-offs under the ever-watchful eyes of their obsessive parents. The pivotal, make-or-break moments for these kids will then be aired for the masses through a documentary-style reality show filter, so as to add to the existing drama of cooking competitions.

Each week, a new batch of contenders (and parents, can’t forget the parents) will plan their recipes and battle through two elimination rounds of head-to-head competition as they compete for the title of the "next best culinary star." If this sounds more like Dance Moms than a cooking show, that’s not far off: The shows have the same producers.

FYI has green-lit 13 one-hour-long episodes of Stove Tots, which will premiere in 2017. The show will also showcase each of the young chefs’ backgrounds in cooking and their goals in the culinary world, much as other similar shows do. FYI already has one kid-centric cooking show on its current roster, Man vs. Child, where the young chefs go up against seasoned professionals.

Stove Tots joins Man vs. Child and other shows like MasterChef Junior and the Kids Baking Championships in making average people (young and old) feel completely inadequate in the kitchen.

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