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Watch: These Monstrous Honey Toasts Are the Bread and Ice Cream Combo of Your Literal Dreams

Move over ice cream sandwiches

These days, toast is serious business. From avocado-laden to jam-and-ricotta-coated versions, the breakfast staple has become a worthy snack at any time of day. One dessert variety takes the trend to new heights — literally.

Honey toast, or brick toast, is Japanese in origin, but is now available all over the world (including at artisanal ice cream parlors in New York). Thickly sliced toast is topped with ice cream, fruit, honey, syrups, and other sweet toppings; the treat combines the best of the toast phenomenon with the accoutrement of a sundae, which, honestly, sounds like the best possible thing. In the video above, Taiwanese snack and dessert cafe Petit Potato, located in Toronto, shows off the process behind some of their most popular "Honey Golden Toast" flavors, which reach altitudes higher than any slice of cinnamon-sugar toast could ever hope to hit.

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