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Watch: Actress Judy Greer Admits to Crying Into a Chipotle Burrito Bowl

It's apparently the perfect place to mourn the loss of a pet

After an unfortunate bout of E. coli and norovirus sent sales plummeting last fall, Chipotle is working hard to win back customers with free food, new menu items, and a rewards program. At this point, it seems the embattled burrito chain would be thankful for any kind of glowing celebrity endorsement — especially a free one.

Actress Judy Greer (Arrested Development, et al) gave Chipotle a little free publicity during an appearance on Conan last night, though it's perhaps not quite what the chain would've hoped for: Rather than singing the praises of its new chorizo (just kidding, it's apparently terrible), Greer instead relays a story involving her dead dog Nacho, cremation, spin class, a sweaty crying session, and a black bean burrito bowl.

All press is good press though, right?

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