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Now You Can Have Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress and Eat It Too

This is a pretty daring look for Barbie

@iheartbeijing / Kevin Winter for Getty Images

Remember when Lady Gaga wore a dress made of raw meat? (It was flank steak, FYI.) While high-end designs worn by celebrities are often replicated by fast-fashion brands and sold to the masses, a cheaper version of Gaga’s carnivorous couture gown sadly never popped up at Forever 21. But finally, six years later, you can order your very own miniature replica of the frock at a hotpot restaurant in China.

As RocketNews explains, "The idea is that you’ll peel the layers of meat off of the doll to put into the hotpot. As you do, the doll’s body will become more and more exposed with each slice removed."

The idea of eating mutton dressed as lamb Barbie isn't sitting well with everyone, however: Some diners have complained that the gimmick is sexist and/or unhygienic. Nonetheless, this may be the best shot you've got at fulfilling your meat dress fantasy.