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Watch: Seth Meyers 3D-Prints His Own Face on Gummy Candy

Yes, Seth, you can eat your own face

3D-printed food is officially everywhere, including on late-night TV. Last night on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Dylan Lauren of fancy candy shop Dylan's Candy Bar brought a 3D printer capable of printing literally anything on gummy candies, including Meyers' face.

While the 3D-printer is whipping up Meyers' narcissistic — and vegan and dairy-free, natch — snack, Lauren puts him to work on candy sushi: Rice Krispies treats stand in for rice, fruit leather for nori, and Nerds for roe, leading Meyers to declare, "This is how a rich dickhead kid eats." (He's probably not wrong.)

Want a gummy version of your own face? The gummy candy printers were rolled out earlier this summer at Dylan's Candy Bar locations in a number of cities including New York, Miami, Chicago, and LA; the process takes about 10 minutes.

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