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Cheese Nails Are Good to Look at, Not So Much to Eat

The perfect way to show off your dairy fetish

Well here's something:

Revelist has stumbled upon a trend that's being called "cheese nails," for obvious reasons. It's being pushed by Tastemade Japan, and those who have the desire and artistic ability to pull it off are a few simple steps from having fingernails that resemble cartoonish slices of Swiss cheese.


A video posted by テイストメイドジャパン (@tastemade_japan) on

Who might be able to pull off this look? Green Bay Packers fans come to mind. And anxious cheese connoisseurs may be more tempted than ever to bite their nails. Don't do that though, because your fluorescent tips are not really made of cheese. They're made of plastic and nail polish. That is not a good snack.

If the cheese nails trend catches on, is it only a matter of time before the logical evolution to rainbow cheese nails?

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