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Watch: Gordon Ramsay on the Art of a Proper Roast Beef Dinner

Complete with Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes, carrots, and gravy

Celebrity chef, reality TV host, cookbook author, and mobile video game star Gordon Ramsay usually raises his voice quite a bit when he's doling out kitchen instructions. Not so here. In this video, Ramsay offers a little guidance to actress Martine McCutcheon, whom you may know from holiday favorite Love Actually. McCutcheon learns the ins and outs of a proper roast beef dinner.

It seems she's quite the novice, and this particular hunk of red meat may be the first thing McCutcheon has ever thrown in the oven. "Christmas dinner — sometimes I'd like Christmas at mine, and my mum's like, 'No, why do we have it at yours? Because then we've got to cook, and we haven't got everything we need there, and we have to bring everything with us,'" she laments. But, with her daughter's newfound culinary knowledge, perhaps Mrs. McCutcheon will change her mind.

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