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The GOP's Love Affair With KFC; A Brief History of the Toaster

Five things to know today

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Happy Tuesday, and welcome to a special deep-fried edition of Eater Today that's been seasoned with a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.

In today's food news: The Republican Party loves fried chicken; who invented the toaster?; a former Colonel Sanders' show gets the axe; Hillary Clinton's feat of strength; and people apparently want to slather themselves with the smell of greasy fast food.

— KFC is not the official fast food of the GOP, but perhaps it should be: Donald Trump recently posed with a bucket of chicken on his private jet, and now running mate Mike Pence has followed suit.

— But do they love KFC enough to rub it all over their bodies? Yesterday the chain launched a fried chicken-scented sunscreen giveaway, and supplies were exhausted in just two hours. (Be warned: Early testers of said sunscreen say it kinda smells like pee.)

— In further KFC-related news, former Colonel Sanders Jim Gaffigan is singing the cancellation blues: The Jim Gaffigan Show has gotten the axe from TV Land after just two seasons. That's a shame, because watching the comedian stuff his face was awfully enjoyable.

— Despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, the Trump campaign alleges that Hillary Clinton's health is failing. The Democratic candidate went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to prove them wrong:

— Depending on your perspective, the fancy toast trend is either awesome or super-obnoxious. Regardless, here's a brief history of the modern toaster that explains how the appliance came to reside in practically every kitchen in America.

— And finally, here's where to eat the best fried chicken if you like it hot: