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Watch: What It Takes to Properly Roast Coffee Beans

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Dark roast or blonde?

While sourcing high-quality beans is crucial to a good cup of joe, it isn't the only step that has great effect on how successful you are in the coffee-making process. Roasting said beans, whether a little or a lot, creates key flavors for the final product, and doing it wrong can ruin the whole thing. This video from How to Make Everything explains how to get it right, and how different roasting styles affect your coffee.

Once the roast is done, there's still work to do. It must be cooled as soon as possible. "A guy could ruin a roast real quickly by not cooling it properly," roast master Bob Vaseleski tells host Andy George. Don't cool it fast enough, and the brewed beverage can turn from sweet to bitter.

Once George learns the process, he tastes a few different roasts to determine his preferred style. Watch the video above to see how different roasting techniques play into a cup of coffee's flavor profile.

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