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Cincinnati Reds’ Joey Votto Plays Outrageous Pizza Prank on Ichiro Suzuki

Retribution for an anonymous Tim Hortons doughnut delivery

Miami Marlins v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

When Cincinnati Reds player Joey Votto and Miami Marlins’ Ichiro Suzuki aren’t facing off on the baseball diamond, they’re pranking each other with free food. reports that on Monday at the beginning of a four-game series between the Reds and the Marlins in Cincinnati, an anonymous Marlins player greeted the Canadian-born Votto with a package of Tim Hortons’ doughnuts.

On Wednesday, Suzuki was seen smirking at Votto leading some observers to suggest that he was perhaps the doughnut gifter. Suspicions were later confirmed when, as Fansider reports, 51 boxes of California Pizza Kitchen cheese pizzas (Suzuki’s favorite pre-game slice) were dropped in front of Suzuki’s locker. The number of boxes, naturally, corresponds with Suzuki’s jersey.

Votto apparently went to great lengths to mess with the Marlins player. The nearest California Pizza Kitchen is located in Louisville, Kentucky, approximately 95 miles from Cincinnati. An alleged staffer at the pizza restaurant later tweeted that the entire order cost $640 plus a $200 Uber.

While he has expensive taste, Ichiro’s order is relatively simple compared to that of LeBron James. The Blaze Pizza investor and basketball player recently revealed his insane order, which involves some 16 toppings.

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