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Watch: Chef David Kinch Offers a Tutorial on Sashimi

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You'll need a sharp knife

Love the delicate taste of fresh fish that's been transformed into sashimi? Want to know how to do it at home? Chef David Kinch is here to help. In this video from Mind of a Chef, Kinch shares a tutorial on how to quickly break down sea bream for the dish.

How fast is Kinch? He manages to slice through the fish in less than a minute. While some editing for video may have cut down on that time, it doesn't look like the chef is having any trouble. He works in a nice rhythm and explains each step in a calm, soothing voice. In fact, anyone with sleep-related issues might want to settle down next to Kinch while he works through a dozen or so sea bream. You'll surely be lulled into a nice slumber in no time.

Once he has the fish broken down, Kinch likes to prepare sea bream sashimi with a vinaigrette of cold-smoked bream bones, ginger, and dry saki. He tops it with thinly sliced cucumbers, pea shoots, white and black sesame seeds, and bush basil.

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