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'Walking Nachos' Are the Next Great Innovation to Come out of the Taco Bell Kitchen

The chain is testing the new dish in North Carolina

Not satisfied with transforming Doritos into taco shells or stuffing Cheetos inside burritos, Taco Bell is working on its latest landmark menu item. Later this month, the Tex-Mex chain will begin testing something called "walking nachos" at select restaurants in Charlotte, N.C., reports Today.

Brand Eating got a sneak peek at the new dish, which appears to include Doritos and traditional nacho toppings, all securely packaged in a foil pouch.

#Tacobell testing #Walkingnachos in Charlotte next month.

A photo posted by Q (@brandeating) on

Here what #tacobell #walkingnachos look inside the bag.

A photo posted by Q (@brandeating) on

If this looks familiar, you've probably enjoyed the delicious Texan (or New Mexican, depending on whom you ask) Frito pie, which is comprised of chili components ladled into a bag of Fritos. In the above Instagram photo, it appears Taco Bell's version boasts guacamole, sour cream, ground beef, shredded and nacho cheese, and tomatoes (or some sort of salsa).

Whether Taco Bell is already planning a national launch for walking nachos, or if it will make the decision based on the upcoming trial, remains to be seen. Eater has reached out for more information.

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