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Guy Fieri Wants to Write a Vegetarian Cookbook

Does Donkey Sauce contain donkey?

Guy Fieri Meet & Greet at Mount Airy Casino Resort Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Mount Airy Casino Resort

In somewhat shocking news, Guy Fieri — the human embodiment of Mac n’ Cheetos — has plans to write a vegetarian cookbook. According to People, the frosted tipped food personality told reporters at a recent New York City event, “I always tell my family—and they laugh about it — but someday I will write a vegetarian book. My cousin, who’s a big vegetarian, tells me flat out, ‘You’re my favorite vegetarian chef.'”

The story behind his apparent love for vegetarian cuisine is a rather sweet one. He told People it stems in part from his late sister’s battle with cancer, during which time he cooked vegetarian dishes for her: “At first, people think about vegetarian food like, ‘Here’s some veggies. Here’s some pasta.’ But there’s so much more you can do in the vegetarian and vegan world.”

Of course, Fieri — who counts NBA scout among his many talents — isn’t exactly known for being a champion of healthful foods. This is a man who has made nachos in a trashcan. Literally. Also, among his greatest culinary contributions is a bright orange condiment (named after an ass, no less) which surely has some questionable or at least high-calorie ingredients in it.

Fieri does, however, count some noted vegetarians among his fans. Lea Michele, for one, would likely be more than happy to take a trip to a parallel universe know as vegetarian Flavortown.

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