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Pokémon Frappuccinos Are Every Teen's Sugary Fever Dream

Gotta drink 'em all

I Love Pokémon/Facebook

Fact: Teens spend a crap-ton of money on Starbucks. Much like everyone else between the ages of 7 and 87, they're also currently fixated on Pokémon Go, and it was inevitable that the two obsessions would cross paths at one time or another — ergo, Pokémon Frappuccinos have arrived.

This adolescent-bait of a beverage seemingly hails from New Zealand, where some clever Starbucks baristas featured it as a chalkboard special. In the meantime, according to Business Insider, you can order a Pokéball Frapp by asking for a layer of vanilla Frappuccino on the bottom and Strawberries and Creme Frapp on top, crowned with strawberry whipped cream.

gotta catch em all #pokeballfrappuccino

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Meanwhile, it appears a Starbucks somewhere in Korea has also debuted its own version of a Pokémon Frappuccino: This one utilizes a mocha drizzle and a disembodied cake pop to more closely mimic the appearance of a Pokéball.

Brace for the upcoming BuzzFeed article "14 Mind-Explodingly Delicious Pokémon-Inspired Starbucks Drinks," followed by a "Which Pokémon Starbucks Drink Are You?" quiz.

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