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Donald Trump Eats KFC With a Knife and Fork Because Of Course He Does

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On his private jet, no less

Donald J. Trump/Facebook

Donald Trump, an actual finalist for the next President of the United States, wants everyone to know he's a man of the people. Last night after campaign stops in Ohio and Pennsylvania, the candidate sat down to enjoy a nice hearty meal of KFC, and he made sure to post a photo of his dinner to social media. (Billionaire narcissists: They're just like us!)

Unlike mere mortals, however, the man singlehandedly keeping America's tanning bed industry afloat enjoyed this meal aboard his private jet while flying back to his (literally) gilded penthouse. As usual, Trump refused to touch food with his dainty mitts — just like his pizza, the orange wonder eats his fried chicken with a knife and fork. (Not shown: The tiny mother-of-pearl caviar spoon he uses to apply gravy to his mashed potatoes.)

Naturally, Twitter had a variety of explanations to offer for this botched photo opp:

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