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This Alarm Clock Will Wake You up With a Large Knife Chopping Next to Your Head



If a traditional buzzing alarm clock or music aren't strong enough to wake you up, perhaps the sound of some home cooking will do the job. A company in Japan has created the Jikkalarm, reports Rocket News 24, and it's meant to mimic the sounds and smells of the kitchen to get you out of bed.

Well, that's something. When it's time to wake up, an animatronic knife begins chopping on a cutting board, and a mister blows miso soup-scented steam into your face. The whole thing connects with a smartphone app that allows the user to set an alarm and turn it off.

Unfortunately, this contraption won't actually cook you breakfast. And you probably won't want to get your hand stuck under the knife during a morning stretch. That would make for a rude awakening.

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