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Watch: Impress Everyone You Know With Perfectly Cooked Country Pate

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Fancy French picnic food is well within your reach

Today our friends at ChefSteps tackle country pate: a sliceable block made of cooked ground meats and other mix-ins, also known as meatloaf’s fancy French second-cousin, that’s ideal as an appetizer or on a picnic. Using sous vide, founder Grant Crilly and his team eliminate the worry of under- or over-cooking the dish — the biggest challenge of making pate at home in the traditional, water-bath-in-the-oven fashion.

Crilly suggests that as long as the meat, salts (regular table salt, plus curing salt, or sodium nitrate, which helps maintain the meat's color and freshness), and binder stay consistent, the spices, garnish, and wrap are open to interpretation. His recipe includes a summery spice mix, dried cherries, and thyme, plus a bunch of thinly sliced bacon to wrap around the outside, but the combinations — and opportunities for seasonal adaptation — are endless. Watch the video above to see country pate made the ChefSteps way, and click here for the full recipe.

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