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This Restaurant Has Jet-Powered Sushi Boats and a Marine Biologist on Staff (Seriously)

Is that really necessary?

R. Lopez

What kind of restaurant employs a marine biologist? One that's located in the wealthiest county in America, obviously. Ocean Blue hit the well-to-do Washington DC suburb of Sterling, Virginia earlier this week, and the restaurant provides no shortage of aquatic spectacles.

As Eater DC reports, the "island-themed" restaurant has two gigantic aquariums that are home to 150 different species of marine life — hence the need for that marine biologist. If that wasn't enough, the Washingtonian says there's also a 150-foot water canal running through the restaurant that provides an interactive dining experience a la conveyor belt sushi. In this case, the sushi is transported to patrons' tables via tiny jet-propelled wooden boats.

No really, look:

Sushi boats

A video posted by Dan Bostelman (@rickiwithani) on

In only slightly less-exciting news, Ocean Blue also has a self-serve ramen bar and a "Rastafarian" sushi roll that features "crispy dreadlocks," whatever the hell those are.

The restaurant plans to expand its aquariums, which currently hold everything from angel fish to lobsters, to hold 300 species, and it will also host field trips for local elementary school kids.

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