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New Craft Beer Wistfully Remembers a Pre-Kardashian Kanye

Do you miss the old Kanye, too?

Harry How/Getty Images

For many Kanye West fans, the rapper's life can be divided into two distinctly disparate eras: pre-Kardashians (P.K.) and after Kardashians (A.K.).

Those who wistfully remember a time before Kanye wore terrible colored contacts and starred on Keeping Up With the Kardashians may appreciate a new release from Baltimore-area craft brewery Artisanal Stillwater Brewing: "I Miss the Old Kanye." According to the brewery, it's "a deconstructed Dr. Pepper inspired Porter" and is brewed with aromatic ingredients such as clove, star anise, juniper, and vanilla, as well as plums and prunes.

The phrase "I miss the old Kanye" is actually pulled from a track on West's newest album, The Life of Pablo, but perhaps the brewers behind the beer also fondly harken back to College Dropout and the days before West began dropping references to Taylor Swift and rubbing elbows with Anna Wintour.

The beer's label. Stillwater

The beer's label.

It's not the first time Stillwater has drawn inspiration from a famous rapper: Last year the brewery released a Drake-inspired brew, Hopvine Bling, and there's also one called Moneytree$ paying homage to a Kendrick Lamar track.

Kanye himself has yet to comment on the beer.

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