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Guy Fieri Is Taking Disney World to Flavortown

This is totally out of bounds

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Guy Fieri is overseeing a menu revamp for the Planet Hollywood restaurant at Walt Disney World's Disney Springs development. Yes, you read that correctly. Fieri, the koolest kat around and Mayor of Flavortown, is joining forces with Planet Hollywood and Disney World. This collaboration may produce outrageous cuisine heretofore unseen by humanity.

"It's awesome to be working with [chairman] Robert Earl and the Planet Hollywood team," Fieri said in a press release. "For the Planet Hollywood Observatory, I'm bringing a big time burger and sandwich menu with real-deal flavors for everyone."

The restaurant is reopening as Planet Hollywood Observatory this fall. Don't expect the celebrity chef and bowling-shirt champion to hold anything back on his portion of the menu. Among the new dishes mentioned in Thursday's announcement are a "Prime Time American Kobe-Inspired Burger" and "Turkey Pic-a-nic Sandwich." And, the Orlando Sentinel has word a Planet Hollywood classic will return: "Chicken Crunch," which takes a perfectly sane food in chicken fingers and adds a coating of Cap'n Crunch cereal.

The Planet Hollywood makeover is expected to cost $25 million, according to the Sentinel, and it will transform the restaurant's exterior into a building "reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century observatory with a modern design aesthetic." Earl told the paper his reasoning for bringing the bleach-blonde, Oakley-wearing chef on board was pretty much what one would expect: "People enjoy his twists on food and his attitude, as opposed to stuffy chefs."

With Fieri-crafted dishes soon to be available at the resort, surviving Disney World is getting a little easier for the boldest of tourists.

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