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Soylent's Latest Innovation Is a Chewable Nutrition Bar

It’s no longer just a liquid-based lifestyle

A Soylent food bar. Soylent/Official Site

From the company that brought the world an entirely liquid-based diet devoid of the joys of different flavors comes a new experience: Soylent is now in the business of actual eating. This week the company added a nutrition bar to its product list.

The Soylent bar is nut-free, vegan, and lactose-free, and uses soy protein, algal flour, beet sugar, and other vitamins and minerals. Somehow, it's a caramel flavor. Sporting a label of "food bar," the new product promises to fill 12.5 percent of a person’s daily caloric needs. Details about this bar first surfaced in April of this year, after the company’s founder Rob Rhinehart raised more then $20 million.

The bar provides a portion of the day's nutrients and calories so people can avoid the hassle of cooking and pesky forks. The 250 calorie snack has the same nutrition as Soylent powder and beverages, "but in a lighter, more portable form," the company wrote in its release announcement. A 12-pack is priced at $22.80 for people with subscriptions and $24 for those without.

This is Soylent’s second evolution, with the first producing a beverage called Coffiest that married breakfast and coffee in the same bottle. A taste test revealed that it was surprisingly passable.

So for those who balk at consuming a day's calories entirely in liquid form there's now a solid option. Eight bars allegedly provide enough nutrition to get the average person through a day.

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