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Dunkin' Donuts' Black Card Is Only for Truly Devoted Fans — and B.J. Novak

And you’ll probably never get one

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For true Americans who run on Dunkin’, there’s no higher reward than the Black Card. It’s a step above the coffee and doughnut chain’s standard rewards program, DD Perks, and is a rare treasure in the world of coffee devotees, Business Insider reports.

The ranks of lucky Dunkin’ Donuts lovers who hold the coveted card include B.J. Novak, who received it as a gift from the chain for his birthday in 2015. Only a few other sightings of the card have occurred on social media, and a rep for Dunkin’ previously told the Black Card is not part of a formal program, but is "a personalized, rechargeable gift card that Dunkin’ Donuts occasionally sends to guests as a token of appreciation.’’ The card apparently comes pre-loaded with $10, ready to use at any location. According to a Dunkin' spokesperson, "the Dunkin' Donuts Black Card has been around for several years, gifted on occasion to select fans in appreciation for their loyalty and passion for the brand." It's rechargeable, does not expire, does not accrue fees, and can hold up to $100. It can also be used as a DD Perks Rewards card.

DD Perks, the layperson’s rewards program at Dunkin’, is free to join and allows members load money onto their card and earn points with each purchase, working up to the 200 points required to earn a free beverage coupon. It stands alongside accessible rewards systems at other fast-food chains, including Starbucks’ star program, Taco Bell’s loyalty program, and Chipotle’s Chiptopia.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ Black Card is on par with the exclusive perks other chains offer, such as Chick-fil-A's invite-only A-List VIP program and McDonald’s Gold Card — though Rob Lowe appears to be the only one benefiting from that one.

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