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The Untold Story of Trump’s Taco Bowl Tweet and the Man Who Tried to Stop It

Common sense did not win the battle

Republican National Convention: Day Four Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s presidential bid is in distress of late as the candidate's rotating roster of advisors jockey for power and influence over his campaign. One such advisor, Paul Manafort, is reportedly losing traction, thanks in large part to his ties to Ukraine but also possibly due to his attempts to curb the confusing and sometimes vitriolic language that flows unchecked from Donald Trump’s mouth and Twitter feed.

The tweet that arguably tops the charts is the one in which he is pictured eating a taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo, proclaiming "I love Hispanics!" New details reveal that Manafort attempted to keep Trump from sending that tweet, the Huffington Post reports.

Trump was apparently chowing down on the taco bowl from his own property (Trump Tower in NYC) when a family member suggested he share his meal with the world. Manafort reportedly warned Trump that the tweet could seem condescending, but Trump allegedly rejected common sense and proceeded to wrap a Mexican holiday together with a wholly non-Mexican dish, and in so doing dug a deeper hole for himself following his prior bout of overt racism.

There is a lesson to be learned here, and it is that one should listen to one's advisors.

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