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Watch: How Music Shapes The Dining Experience

The minds behind the soundtrack at The Clocktower, Reynard, and more

Dining out is an experience for all of one’s senses, not just taste. On this episode of Shokunin, host and sushi chef David Bouhadana explores the role music plays in a restaurant’s success with two of the music directors at Gray V, the New York-based sound design company responsible for the aural atmosphere of many of the city’s best restaurants, hotels, and retail stores.

As part of the team at Gray V, Alec DeRuggiero and Duane Harriott are responsible for soundtracking a diner's experience; their work can be heard at the likes of Reynard, The Fat Radish, Berg’n food hall, and many others. Taking into account space, ceiling height, room textures, and general aesthetic, their team selects music that not only fits the vibe of the restaurant, but also interacts well — literally: filling the open space, not drowning out conversation or getting lost in the bustle — with the room. The result is a bespoke, five-day-long playlist perfectly suited for their client's space. Watch the video above to learn more.

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