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Caviar Wrestling Is Jello Wrestling for the One Percent

A grotesque display of excess

Want to take your fancy cocktail party to the next level? Get yourself a kiddie pool full of caviar and two beautiful models to writhe around in it. That was the featured entertainment at a recent event in Moscow hosting Russia's top politicians and bankers, RT reports.

Is it scathing social commentary? Performance art? Female objectification? A marketing stunt? Or simply an imaginative way of serving rich people snacks at a party? According to the report, "many of the celebrities were not told about the provenance of the caviar, and were photographed scooping huge spoons of it onto their canapés straight from the inflatable pool." Yum. The resulting video has gone viral, garnering over 100,000 views and plenty of criticism.

The caviar filling the pool was reportedly a cheap imitation product — RT notes that the amount needed to fill such a vessel would have cost over $1 million — but the mere image of such a disturbing display of excess was enough to spark outrage: A leader of the Communist Party condemned the event in a statement posted to his website, writing, "Interest in this story shows that people are sick and tired of the fact that while people are getting poorer, bankers are still swimming in money."

Perhaps the bankers at said party would have also enjoyed the $125 caviar-covered Twinkies dreamt up by an Orange County Fair vendor, because the only thing better than a low-brow snack is one that's been slathered in excessive amounts of pricey fish eggs.

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