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Mexican Restaurant's Trump Wall Billboard Gets the Axe Following Criticism

All 26 of the billboards will be removed this week


Perhaps referencing the ideas of Donald Trump, one of the most controversial political figures of our time, isn't the best way to a market a restaurant.

A chain in Indiana found that out the hard way this week: Hacienda Mexican Restaurants sparked controversy when it debuted a billboard advertising "The best Mexican food this side of the wall"; now, according to the Associated Press, that billboard has been taken down.

A local community center catering to the Hispanic community publicly criticized the advertisement for being insensitive; while the restaurant initially brushed off the controversy, arguing that it was simply using humor, it's now seemingly caved to public pressure. Per the AP, "Hacienda executive vice president Jeff Leslie says he didn't expect the backlash from the Hispanic community," which seems like a fairly incredible lack of foresight.

The company says all 26 of the offending billboards will be removed by Friday.

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