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Inside the Kitchen at Momofuku CCDC

Executive chef Patrick Curran works the line

To keep the celebration going for Eater Young Guns, Eater's running photo essays of the 2016 winners all season. Up next: Patrick Curran, executive chef of Momofuku CCDC.

Patrick Curran took a risk when he moved from New York to Washington, DC, to open Momofuku CCDC, the newest restaurant in the growing Momofuku empire. But it was a calculated one: The chef has been a part of the David Chang’s group for years, working his way up from line cook at Noodle Bar in Manhattan’s East Village before moving down to the capital city to help CCDC.

As executive chef, a big part of his job is to keep the ships running on all levels — from the menu to the crew — which can be a challenge considering he’s managing a young team in a new city. But he makes it happen, and still has time to have fun in the kitchen.

Here, watch the 2016 Eater Young Guns winner at work.

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Momofuku CCDC

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