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Pizza Hut Panders to Budding DJs with Working Pizza Box Turntables

Greasy fingerprints are imminent

Screencap/Pizza Hut UK

In 2016, it is no longer enough for fast-food packaging to merely contain food. No, in addition to containing fried chicken or pizza it must also be a phone charger, or perhaps a VR headset. Or a working set of turntables.

Pizza Hut has unveiled "the world's first playable DJ pizza box," Engadget reports, presumably so its customers can launch their budding DJ careers while feasting on greasy stuffed crust. The pizza box comes loaded with "touch-sensitive decks, a mixer and other controllable buttons" and is Bluetooth-enabled to connect to users' computers or smartphones; it's even compatible with proper DJ software such as Serato.

Don't expect to see David Guetta or Skrillex cueing up tracks on one of these bad boys while eating a slice of pizza with the other hand, however; this strange innovation will be extremely limited, and will be given away in limited numbers at only a handful of stores in the UK.

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