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Hillary Clinton Wants You to Cook for Her

'Chefs for Hillary' brings Mario Batali, Dominique Ansel, Katie Lee and more to the campaign trail

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She might not eat much in public but Hillary Clinton loves food almost as much as her (probable) predecessor. The country's current Democratic nominee for president is taking her campaign to the kitchen: Clinton has invited chefs to endorse her — with recipes.

A new campaign called Chefs for Hillary launches today with a batch of recipes developed for the Hillary Clinton Campaign. The objective is to encourage supporters to cook at home, feed their friends and families, and also cook for the cause: The campaign urges voters and volunteers to use these recipes at their own organizing events, phone banks, and house parties across the county.

The first batch of recipes is up on Pinterest now. Chefs who helped launch the campaign include: Mario Batali (Babbo, Eataly, the Chew), Dominique Ansel (Dominique Ansel Bakery and Kitchen), Katie Lee (The Kitchen), Rebecca Charles (Pearl Oyster Bar, NYC), Leah Cohen (Pig and Khao, NYC), Bruce Hill (Picco, Fog City, SF), Donald Link (Cochon, New Orleans), James Kent (Nomad, NYC), and Tracey Zabar (Zabar's, One Sweet Cookie, NYC). There is also a recipe from John Podesta, Chairman of the 2016 Hillary for America Campaign, who happens to enjoy cooking and wanted to submit a recipe (for salsa di noci, a creamy walnut pesto). Over the next few months several more chefs are expected to contribute recipes and express their support for the campaign.

Mario Batali, who contributed a recipe for grilled swordfish alla Messinese, has been a vocal liberal and Clinton fan for years. Reached via email he says, "I have been a huge fan of Hillary Clinton's since I first met her in 1991 and she is without a doubt the most qualified candidate for president I have ever had the chance to vote for. She has met and impressed world leaders, did a fantastic job as a NY senator and as Secretary of State, has a brilliant sense of humor and is profoundly thoughtful and wise. I'm thrilled to help launch Chefs for Hillary and hope that supporters across the country will enjoy making these recipes."

Chefs for Hillary

Chef Rebecca Charles of Pearl Oyster Bar in NYC and Spat Oyster Cellar in Kennebunk, Maine writes, "I've been an Independent my whole life and I'm proud and excited to support the most qualified, experienced Presidential candidate we've had in decades. That she's a woman is just an added bonus!"

In an email to Eater via a campaign aide Secretary Clinton explained her motivation for the chef-driven Pinterest campaign: "In all my travels throughout America and around the globe, some of my fondest memories have been formed over a meal — or a really good drink. And a great recipe lets you relive those experiences over and over. That's why I'm thrilled to have the support of these incredibly talented chefs. The recipes they've created will bring our volunteers and supporters together at house parties and phone banks across the country, and I hope they'll be inspired to make them for years to come."

Chefs for Hillary

Fans and Pinterest users are encouraged to share their own recipes as well, which may be pinned to the Clinton board and shared organically. Supporters are encouraged to use the hashtag #ChefsForHillary.

Now if only we could get a photo of Clinton scarfing down some of Batali's signature black tagliatelle at a campaign rally.

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