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Taco Bell's Crispy Chicken Chips Are an Edible Delta Force Shrouded in Nacho Cheese

Triangular chicken nuggets, anyone?

Triangle-shaped fried chicken nuggets from Taco Bell baaaaaaaaaaaaaah/Reddit

Reigning stunt foods champ Taco Bell is back at it again. After revealing that it would take its fried chicken taco shells nationwide next year, the chain has dreamt up another way to use poultry: shaping it into triangles, battering or breading it, deep-frying the hell out of it, and serving it with nacho cheese dipping sauce.

The end product is called Crispy Chicken Chips (presumably because Chicken Triangles proved unpopular with test groups?). A user on Reddit’s Taco Bell subforum reveals the new menu item is currently being tested, though they stop short of revealing where exactly this novelty can be procured.

Calling fried triangles of chicken “chips” seems like a move Burger King might have taken. In 2014, the King brought back chicken fries and the internet went berserk.

As Business Insider points out, it’s no wonder Taco Bell is playing around with chicken: As far as protein sources go, it remains relatively cheap, and fried chicken is clearly having a moment, as evidenced by the rise of concepts like David Chang’s Fuku and Shake Shack’s chicken sandwich launch.

Reached for comment, a Taco Bell spokesperson was tight-lipped on details about this new menu item, but did say: “We're excited to bring Naked Chicken Chalupa to restaurants nationally next year. Chicken as the shell is a concept our fans love, so why stop there?”

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