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Watch: Choosing the Right Bean for Your Cup of Coffee

There are many choices

A cup of coffee isn't what it once was. Back in the day, the only options were black, with cream, and/or sugar. Now that we're firmly in the third wave of coffee culture, it's a bit more complicated. The modern shop will offer a variety of styles brewed with beans from a number of locales around the world. Choosing the best bet for an individual palate can be intimidating, especially for a novice. So in this video from How to Make Everything, host Andy George lets a professional teach him how it's done.

What does one look for during a proper coffee tasting? Acidity, flavor, sweetness, body, and overall appreciation of the brew are the characteristics that should receive attention. There are a few steps in the process, from smelling the ground, dry beans to violently slurping spoonfuls from a brewed cup. In the end, the taster should be able to pick out a preferred style from a crowd. Watch the above video to get a modern coffee tutorial.

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