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Sushi-Making Robots Will Inherit the Earth

The latest marriage between tech and food


Robots can already deliver pizza, make ramen, and flip pancakes, so it was only a matter of time until they learned how to make sushi. Gizmodo reports our future sushi chef overlords are now on display in Kawasaki’s robotics showroom in Japan.

As shown in the above video, the robot’s skills aren’t quite as deft as many of the world’s top sushi chefs. While they’re perfectly capable of putting together cooked rice and pre-sliced fish, it may be a while before they master actually rolling it. (And, not to be a sushi snob but is that a tube of wasabi I spy? At least you tried, robot.)

Of course, a machine such as this likely wouldn’t be used in an upscale sushi house anyway: Other photos of Kawasaki’s machines show that they could come in handy when used on a factory line, though.

The sushi robot isn’t on the market yet, but other robots have already begun invading the food space. There’s a robot burger joint in the works in San Fransisco and a KFC in Shanghai that’s staffed by robots. And sure, the idea of robots making sushi might seem a little scary (because what will they learn to do next?), but at least Kawasaki’s version doesn’t come with a human hand.

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