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Tim Kaine Drank Craft Beer and Jammed on the Harmonica at a Brewpub Last Night

He's also a very good tipper

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine continues his reign as your slightly embarrassing but endearing uncle: Last night at Catawba Brewing Company in Asheville, N.C., he drank craft beer and joined the band for a few songs on his harmonica, reports the Washington Post.

For those who may have forgotten (but how?), Kaine apparently carries around not one but four harmonicas at all times — presumably so he'll be prepared for situations such as this one. After a few songs with the band, he sipped on the brewery's White Zombie Ale. (According to Politico, he tipped the bartender five bucks.)

Kaine's jam session followed a campaign rally and then dinner at Buxton Hall Barbecue, which just so happens to have just been declared one of Bon Appetit's top 10 best new restaurants. The politician presumably dined on the whole-hog barbecue that Buxton Hall specializes in, and his meal also included banana pudding and more beer.

The Post notes that Kaine's "proclivity to jam at bluegrass jamborees has been part of his political persona in Virginia"; by showing off his musical prowess and taste for good beer to the press corps, he's clearly trying to shed the "boring" label that was immediately bestowed on him after he was announced as Hillary Clinton's running mate.

At any rate, he's already demonstrated he's got better taste in restaurants than Trump VP Mike Pence, whose most recent meal of note was at a Chili's in New Jersey.

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