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Trump Wall Billboard Stirs Up Controversy at Mexican Restaurant

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Surely they saw this one coming


A Mexican restaurant in Indiana has sparked controversy with a Donald Trump-inspired billboard. According to WSBT, Hacienda Mexican Restaurants, which has approximately a dozen restaurants throughout the state, recently debuted a new sign advertising "The best Mexican food this side of the wall" — referencing Trump's much-talked-about claims that he's going to erect a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border to keep immigrants out.

A local community center, La Casa de Amistad, says it's gotten multiple requests from members of the community to speak with the restaurant about its billboard.

"There's a difference between funny and being offensive," the center's executive director Sam Centellas tells WSBT. "What I'd love to hear is how do their employees feel and how are they treated in a culture that regularly puts out pretty offensive advertising related to the Latino culture?"

It doesn't appear Hacienda will be taking the sign down to appease anyone, though. The restaurant insists it's all in good fun, with the company's vice president telling the news station, "We don't intend to upset anybody. But, we do use humor. When you use humor, there's going to be some groups that are particularly sensitive to certain things."

Of course, Hacienda's not the only restaurant that's recently attempted to drum up business with racially charged jokes: An Italian restaurant in New Mexico recently caught flak for putting the phrase "Black Olives Matter" on its marquee. While some area residents complained the sign was insensitive, others praised it — and now the restaurant has even begun selling t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan.

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