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Drink on the Cheap With Home-Brewed Vegemite Beer

Just don't expect it to taste good

Graham Denholm/Getty Images

PBR, Miller High Life, and Natural Light have long been leading brands for anyone eyeing an ice-cold brew at a low, low price. And while homebrewing is typically thought of as a method to perfect custom craft beers, it may offer a way to produce some of the cheapest beer imaginable. ABC News Australia reports Vegemite, the iconic Aussie yeast spread, can be used as the base for homebrew that checks in at less than a dime.

"Our data showed that home-brewed Vegemite beer could be easily made from sugar, Vegemite, and yeast ..." University of Queensland researcher Dr. Ben Schulz told ABC News. "The Vegemite added the nutrients necessary for the fermentation process."

Brewing beer with a Vegemite base allows for incredible savings. ABC News reports 375 millimeters — about 12 ounces — of "bulk commercial beer" costs $1.60 in Australia. The Vegemite beer, on the other hand, costs about $0.09 (just $0.07 U.S.), according to Schulz. Unfortunately, that bargain-basement price comes with a tradeoff. It doesn't sound like Vegemite beer goes down smooth. Schulz called it "a bland-tasting drink that had a distinct Vegemite aftertaste." Not exactly thirst-quenching.

Bland beer with a yeast-spread finish isn't an enticing description. But those able to stomach the dirt-cheap brew for a while could quickly save enough money to invest in proper ingredients and equipment for home-cellaring their own craft beers. That's a nice reward for some Vegemite-flavored sacrifice.

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