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Crowdfunded Toaster Will Print the Day's Forecast on Your Breakfast

Toasteroid has already raised nearly $90,000


Can your toaster predict the weather or remind you to pay your bills? (No, it just toasts bread? How quaint.) A Kickstarter-funded appliance called the Toasteroid promises to do all that and more, thanks to microfilament technology and an accompanying smartphone app.

Toasteroid connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and then the mobile app is used to select from an infinite number of designs to be emblazoned on bread; users can pick from a collection of templates, draw their own, type messages (please, don't propose via toast), or even choose to have the day's weather forecast toasted into their breakfast. (Why exactly someone would choose that last option over simply looking at their phone's weather app isn't quite clear, but sure why not.)

For serious toast aficionados who couldn't care less about printing Guy Fieri's face on their toast, the Toasteroid also promises greater control, with the app permitting users to pick an exact level of browning for their bread. But clearly the only real reason to buy this thing is so you can print "U MAD BRO?" on your spouse's waffles after an argument.

The Toasteroid is projected to begin shipping to backers in July 2017; backers can snag one for an $85 pledge, or $65 for the mini version.

Watch the fancy toaster in action, below:

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