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Watch: This Weird New Fruit Might be Coming to Your Grocery Store

...or to your local oyster bar, if this farmer has his way

In the latest episode of Shokunin, a video series hosted by sushi chef David Bouhadana, Eater visits Shanley Farms in Moro Bay, California, to meet with founder Jim Shanley and his daughter Megan.

As Shanley explains, the farm promotes "layered agriculture," a technique by which multiple crops are planted and grown at different levels. So, while the farm predominantly grows avocados, its's also a place where Shanley can explore new and rare types of produce — everything from coffee plants to finger limes.

According to Megan, Shanley Farms has been shipping finger limes for five years, but the citrus remains pretty rare in the U.S. In fact, Shanley was the first American farm to grow the native-to-Australia plants. Though the fruit looks similar to fish eggs once it's cut open, Shanley says it's quite tart. He even uses it to accompany seafood, serving raw oysters with mignonette, finger limes, and little else.

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