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The ‘Great British Baking Show’ Great British Vocabulary Quiz

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Do you know your frangipane from your bavarois?

The judging table

Tonight The Great British Baking Show (née The Great British Bake Off) concludes its third action-packed season on PBS. So far, it's been nine polite episodes of soufflés, tennis cakes, and intricate bread sculptures, and we're finally down to the last three contenders: Ian, Nadiya, and Tamal.

American viewers watching it fresh — not to mention Brits who already saw the season when it aired across the pond last fall — should be steeped in knowledge of pastry cream, quick breads, puddings, sponges, and what does and does not make a beautiful bake, a scrumptious bite, and a soggy bottom. Think you know your vocab from this past season without the help of Google? Test out your Great British Baking Show knowledge below.

Great British Baking Show obsessives should keep in mind that a new season airs over in the UK starting August 24.

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