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Watch: How Farming Allows Guatemalan Refugees to Maintain Their Heritage

'We have a piece of Guatemala here with us'

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How does one hold onto a piece of home when forced to abandon their country because of poverty and civil war? For Guatemalan expats living in Colorado, the answer is in community farming. This short film from The Perennial Plate tells the story of Francisco and Lucia, who came to the United States as refugees in 1980 and hold onto their roots by growing crops from the old country.

Thanks to their community farm, Francisco and Lucia are able to grow much of their own food. But, economic struggles aren't the reason for continuing this practice. "We have a piece of Guatemala here with us," Lucia explains.

"I think this is what they taught us when we were young: how to be able to grow our own food to not have to buy everything," Francisco says. "It's not because of a lack of money. But it's to have a healthier life."

Our Heart Within Us [Vimeo]

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