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90-Year-Old Tastes Bacon for the First Time; Coffee Soylent Is Here

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Six things to chew on

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It's a big week in America because caffeinated Soylent — the beverage sometimes known as nutritional sludge — is finally here. Silicon Valley has collectively lost its mind over Coffiest, which is described as "a balanced breakfast and your morning coffee," all in one 400-calorie bottle. Finally, no need to have coffee and eggs and toast — and no need to blend those three delicious food items in your Vitamix to make a breakfast power smoothie. Soylent has done it for you. Stay tuned for Eater's official review of coffee Soylent, because you know we had to.

In other news:

— Can coffee keep away Zika mosquitoes?

— A new documentary called Bacon & God's Wrath follows the story of Razie, a Jewish woman who’s about to turn 90. After converting to atheism in her eighth decade she decides to taste bacon for the first time. Bacon then becomes the catalyst for an examination of the ways in which religion shapes our very existence. The New Yorker has is screening the film online.

— What did Obama eat at a Martha's Vineyard restaurant?

— Bananagrams beer!

— In response to the FDA and USDA's new sugar labeling requirements, the food industry is introducing foods with less sugar. Cause, meet effect.

— Finally, learn the early history of coffee:

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