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Champagne Makers Warn of a Looming Shortage

Bubbly had a bad growing season

Tim Riediger/Getty Images

Is a Champagne shortage on the horizon? Producers of the iconic French sparkling wine just experienced the most challenging growing season in some 60 years thanks to a host of issues, according to Decanter.

A late spring frost slashed production in a region home to one-quarter of the existing Champagne vineyards, followed by hailstorms and a mildew epidemic; as a result, the season's grape yields will be significantly less than expected.

Thankfully, vintners are prepared for such situations: They have reserves on hand that are used to supplement the harvest after a rough season (and non-vintage Champagnes are made with a blend of several different harvests anyway to ensure a consistent product year to year.) But Charles Philipponnat of Champagne Philipponnat tells Decanter that in order to produce enough wine for the 2016 season, "growers and houses will have to dig heavily in their reserves."

In the meantime, it wouldn't be unwise to choose your celebratory drinking occasions carefully: The world is also facing a global scotch shortage due to increased demand. Meanwhile, the coffee industry is bracing for a major dropoff in supply due to climate change, and cocoa is also facing worldwide supply issues. Champagne, scotch, coffee, chocolate — are these the four horsemen of the culinary apocalypse?

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