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Watch: Gordon Ramsay Takes His Son on His First Bird Shoot

Then the chef cooks up a rook salad

Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay is no stranger to heading out in the wild and hunting his dinner, but in this video, he has a tiny novice serving as a special guest. Ramsay takes his son Jack out shooting for rook, a bird that acts as a pest in England. In this video, the Ramsays bag a few, and the chef prepares a rook salad.

With his son around, Ramsay's language is much cleaner than usual. Though it was once a widely consumed British delicacy, the chef claims he's never eaten rook. What does he think of this bird? "They're a lot more tender than I thought they would be," he says in the video. "This, for me, is as good, if not better than, pigeon. I think it's about time that something like this bird, rook, should find it's way back onto traditional British menus."

Father/Son Hunting Trip - Gordon Ramsay [YouTube]

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