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Astronaut Ice Cream Gets an Artisanal Makeover

It begins with ice cream made in Brooklyn, naturally

Bars of freeze-dried ice cream Gastronaut via Kickstarter

The latest not-sure-why-anyone-needs-this-but-sounds-cool-enough project to rake in lots of crowdfunding dough? Artisanal astronaut ice cream.

Gastronaut (get it?) is both organic and non-melting, “so you can enjoy premium ice cream anywhere on the planet” — provided you don’t mind said ice cream being room-temperature and freeze-dried, of course.

Astronaut ice cream is a bit of misnomer, as the stuff is historically more likely be eaten by middle-schoolers on a field trip to the Kennedy Space Center than actual astronauts. But Gastronaut is geared toward the adult palate, rather than just the 11-year-old-at-space-camp demographic. The product begins with “super-premium organic ice cream that's made in Brooklyn” that is then freeze-dried, with a touch of sea salt added for extra flavor.

According to an interview with Munchies, company founder Robert Collignon currently makes three flavors: mint chocolate chip, Mexican chocolate chip, and cookies and cream. He tells Munchies he hopes to use his Kickstarter earnings to begin making larger batches (his home freezer only makes 20 to 40 bars at a time) and to take the project to market at a reasonable price. The project currently has more than 1,200 backers and funding to the tune of $48,145.

Though the project is geared toward those on Earth, it’s certainly possible that Gastronaut could make its way to outer space one day. Then again, with chefs like David Chang and Heston Blumenthal sending meals into space and tins of caviar at the International Space Station, why bother with freeze-dried ice cream?

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