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McNuggets Are Now Free of Artificial Preservatives

It’s part of McDonald’s new focus on “quality”

McDonald’s is nixing artificial preservatives from some of its menu items, including scrambled eggs, chicken McNuggets, and breakfast sausage. The chain will also cut high-fructose corn syrup from its buns. A McDonald’s spokesperson says the changes officially went into effect today.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Mike Andres, president of the chain's U.S. operations, “said the changes are part of an ongoing effort by McDonald's to cater to more health-focused customers who demand fresh, wholesome food.” McNuggets currently contain more than three dozen ingredients, artificial or otherwise.

The announcement comes on the heels of the fast food giant’s most recent earnings announcement, held last week. During a call with analysts, CEO Steve Easterbrook said the chain is investing in quality, adding that the use of better ingredients “signals the direction of travel going forward.”

McDonald’s certainly isn’t the first chain to axe artificial ingredients: In fact, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut made similar announcements over a year ago. Nestle and Subway have jumped aboard the preservative-free train, too.

Last year, McDonald’s announced its plan to transition to cage-free eggs at all of its 16,000 restaurants across Canada and the U.S. And earlier this year, the chain cautiously began testing fresh beef in select outlets — a controversial move, but one that could potentially go nationwide.

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