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Matthew McConaughey Is the New Face of Wild Turkey Bourbon

He’s signed on as the brand’s new creative director

Matthew McConaughey poses with Wild Turkey bourbon barrels Wild Turkey

Alright, alright, alright: Matthew McConaughey has officially signed on as Wild Turkey’s creative director. According to a press release, the Oscar-winning actor will serve as “a storyteller” for the bourbon brand, both behind the camera and in front of it.

McConaughey has a few ties to the company: the Wild Turkey distillery, for instance, is located just about 20 minutes from the University of Kentucky, where his parents first met. And according to the company’s website, the whiskey is fermented for 72 hours — so, as McConaughey keeps getting older, it keeps being aged the same way (pretty sure someone once said something similar about high school girls).

A series of TV and digital ad campaigns directed by McConaughey will launch in September, but he can currently be seen in a short film documenting his journey with the bourbon’s founders.

It’s safe to say McConaughey is a fan of adult beverages, but as the New York Times reports, the multi-year contract he signed with Wild Turkey goes far beyond just shilling the product. “This time, in addition to appearing on camera, he will write and direct the spots,” reports the Times. “He has also involved himself in recording music for the campaign, which will be introduced in September.” No word on whether bongo drums will feature prominently into those tunes.

A McConaughey-branded bourbon is also a possibility down the road, with the actor telling the Times the partnership would be “fun and wild, but the opposite of solicitous.”

It may seem odd that an A-list actor would move from the big screen, to the small screen (for HBO’s True Detective), to the even smaller (ad) screen — but time, as they say, is a flat circle.

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