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Watch Martha Stewart and Questlove Film an Impromptu Snapchat Cooking Show

Directed by Jimmy Fallon, natch

Reigning lifestyle queen Martha Stewart went on the Tonight Show last night to promote her 87th book (let that sink in for a moment), titled simply Martha Stewart's Vegetables.

In typical Martha fashion, she politely schools Fallon and Roots drummer Questlove — who recently published a food book of his own — on how to make zucchini fritters, while Fallon insists on Snapchatting the entire process "because that's what all the kids are doing." (Fallon also discloses that he hates mayonnaise because it "reminds [him] of pus," which frankly no one in America needed to know.)

Consider this another terrifying glimpse into the future of cooking shows, which by the year 2020 will be filmed only in ten-second spurts and with the help of stupid filters that turn the hosts into baby goats. Also, if this whole late-night TV host thing doesn't work out for him, it's nice to know Fallon has a fallback career as a social media guru.

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